Training is the greatest gift you can give your dog. It is the first step to a successful relationship with the newest member of your family.

No one can appreciate the peace of mind you will have until you know that YOUR DOG, YOU and YOUR FAMILY have been given the proper training that they deserve. It is your responsibility to provide leadership, structure and training for your dog. All dogs benefit from confident caring leadership and a clearly defined purpose within their pack…your family.

We do recommend that dogs start training between the ages of 3 and 6 months … before they begin to develop unacceptable behavior. However, it is never too late to start training your dog. All training lessons are on a private basis. Like people, dogs are individuals; each has their own personality traits. No one method works for every dog. This is why our personal training format is so effective. Each dog is trained to fit the needs of your dog and your family

Dog training can be a lot of fun but should be taken seriously, one mistake can imprint a bad habit. This is why you should seek a professional, an experienced dog trainer. Good Dogs provides training for all ages and breeds of dogs. All of our training methods are for what any dog needs the most … MUTUAL TRUST and RESPECT.

Training is your dog’s education on how to coexist with humans. It establishes a line of communication between you and the dog. Training forms a special bond between you and your pet, because it opens a line of communication between the two of you. Your dog will be happier, knowing what pleases you and what does not. Both you and your dog will be better neighbors and you will no longer have to worry, or be embarrassed by your dog’s behavior.

Some trainers mistakenly use a technique introduced twenty years ago called “Alpha Dominance Training” applying the dominant methods of the wolf pack leader. This method is creating havoc for American dog owners. Lifting and hanging a puppy off the floor by the choke collar, grabbing and shaking the dog by the neck and rolling the dog on its back and restraining it are just a few of the methods that have put dog owners on the wrong track. While a wolf’s dominant behavior is a basic law of nature, it is not prudent to apply it to a species that has been selectively bred and domesticated to be the only animal that has an instinct to work for and serve man.

Should you decide to have your dog trained at Good Dogs School of Obedience, you can feel secure that your new family member is in the best of hands and the only methods used are mutual trust and respect. We are here for you and your dog, to serve your needs, so please feel free to call us at any time.

- Philip W. Bolack