--------"We are forever grateful and just can't thank you enough for all that you have taught us through your expertise and well-planned obedience lessons. As you know, our little Sato, "Chi Chi", had several behavioral issues that, although we loved her dearly, we were just unable to deal with or correct. Through your knowledge, guidance and seemingly unending patience we now have a terrific well-behaved dog.

--------You are truly blessed with a gift that you generously share to make the world a better place for dogs and their appreciative families. I would like to highly endorse and recommend this program to any and all dog owners. Families should flock to you with the knowledge that "graduating" from your outstanding program, will ultimately enhance both the owners and dog's "quality of life"."
--------Thank you again,
Cynthia, Ashley, Ricky & Chi Chi, Canine Good Citizen

--------"I just have to thank you. I don't know how often people call you back and I certainly wanted to be one of them, you spent a little bit of time on the phone with me the other night and you would have thought it was hours worth of time based on the response that I have gotten. Rico, my little SATO, is LIKE A NEW DOG the techniques you told me to follow and the use of the crate, I can't tell you. Right now he is lying on the floor with the cat right next to him! I just can't tell you what a difference this has made. If you ever need anyone to gush on and on let me know."
---------Carol and Rico (SATO)

--------"I called to thank you and tell you it was a pleasure working with you and let you know we are satisfied with the results. Sasha has turned out to be a great dog, housebroken, obedient, no longer anxious about cars and many other good things."
---------George, his family and Sasha (shelter dog)

Phil Bolack is a member of the Assocation of Pet Dog Trainers.